Who We Are:

Dr. Kevin Blue and Dr. Lauren Molchan founded Essential Strides in 2021. Essential Strides is a medical mission nonprofit organization aimed at treating lower extremity conditions that limit or prevent the ability to walk. The goal of the Essential Strides is to provide surgical and educational services to underserved communities across the globe.

Operating Room

Why We Exist:

Pain free gait is a luxury many of take for granted. Thousands of people across the world live with congenital anomalies or neglected trauma leaving them unable to walk or with limited and painful mobility. These conditions prevent children from playing with their peers or parents from working and providing for their families. These disabilities are correctable with the right care. However, many of these people live remotely and have no access to the advanced care or reconstructive surgical services they would require to return to fuller functioning. The mission of Essential Strides is to provide this surgical and follow up care to ensure these patients’ mobility is restored. We work with local physicians in the areas of our missions to ensure a more lasting impact to the local communities and patients we treat. We help train and educate doctors of the regions we visit in the surgical techniques that we use. These doctors will also help provide the follow up care for the patients moving forward. We plan to maintain close relationships with our medical peers abroad throughout the year as part of an ongoing partnership.

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